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January 2006
The '80s :
Images from the counter-culture

This is a selection of pictures taken by UlisesNilo and Gonzalo Donoso, two photographers that were specially active on Santiago's underground scene during the '80s.


They captured the first punk and new-wave bands; young musicians furious with the system, living in the middle of a wild nightlife, specially tense under Pinochet's administration. These were rebels growing under a dictatorship, who erupted in the cultural field with a whole new language that had nothing to do with the rigid communist discourse. These were artists that were proposing new forms of expression, such as the performance.

©Ulises Nilo.
Festival de los Corazones Duros, 1988.
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Such was the world that testified Ulises Nilo ?a photographer with a long experience in publicity and publishing, that has worked in magazines such as Caras, Cosas and Paparazzi? and Gonzalo Donoso, an author that has specialized in the field of popular music, with a large collection of portraits from bands and solo musicians. Donoso has worked for magazines such as Caras, Cosas and Rolling Stone.

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