Chile can be discovered not only through the visual appreciation of its landscapes, but also while defying our bodies and capacities through activities in water, land and even in the sky.

Due to the geographical length and the diversity of landscapes and climates, Chile has cultivated its fame as a great country to practice adventure tourism, not only in South America, but also worldwide. Whether it is on its high mountains, through wild rivers and lakes or flying over amazing landscapes, there is always a way to get one on one with nature.

One of the most popular activities across the country is the practice of trekking, allowing the access to those interested in discovering the beauty of the national landscapes through different paths and routes. The more than 100 national parks, reserves and monuments are among the most popular destinations for this activity; allowing us to know the wonders of the Andean plateau, the wild forests of the south or the unique ecosystem of the Juan Fernández Archipelago. But without a doubt, the one destination that stands out among others is the Torres del Paine National Park, which is considered a must-see destination thanks to its different pathways.

For those who can resist low temperatures, the best activities can be skiing, snowboarding or even walking through big capes of ice. In Central Chile, the Andes is the perfect place for snow sports, highlighting sky centers such as Portillo, La Parva, Farellones, Valle Nevado, and Termas de Chillán. Meanwhile, in the extreme south of Chile, the Exploradores Glacier has become a popular place for those who want to walk over millennial ice or get lost in its caves.

The south of Chile has also learned how to make the most of its geography to lure tourists and sport fans. Its lakes, rivers and waterfalls have become the perfect scenario for activities such as kayaking and canyoning. But without a doubt the most popular activity is rafting, which is practiced in many different rivers of the area. Among those who stand out is the Futaleufú river, known as one of the best rivers in the world to practice this sport, and for having different levels depending on the experience, whether it is your first time doing it or if you are an expert.

Other water sports that have their own place within the national territory is surfing and diving. In the first case, Pichilemu is known as the perfect place to defy big waves. The city has hosted different tournaments, where professionals from all across the world come to this city with the purpose of taming the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, the Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Easter Island are considered among the best destinations to explore the bottom of the sea. As well as for their crystal clear water with a visibility of over 50 meters deep, and also for their unique species and ecosystems.

For those who are seeking for a sport in which they don’t have to get wet or defy extreme temperatures, and as long as they don’t suffer from vertigo, paragliding or zip-line across the country can be the perfect activity. Sports that allow to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Chile from a different angle.

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