Best Time To Drive Through Atlanta: 8 Tips You Need To Know


Bad traffic is often a hassle especially when you’re in a hurry. This is an experience that I try to stay away as much as possible. You can avoid that as well if you know the best time to drive through Atlanta.

It would depend on what your goal is when driving through Atlanta. There are many who say that the best time to do it is at night. I would agree on that, as nighttime would usually mean less traffic than at daytime.

Times To Avoid And Go Through

Those who pass through 285 say that the times to pay attention would be from 6am to 9am. This is often the rush hour when people are going to work or school.

The period from 4:30pm to 7pm are also times when you might need not want to be there, as traffic would be heavy from people who are trying to get home. Truckers report that these are the times to avoid.

Weekdays in general are times not to going through Atlanta, if you can help it. It would be best to go on weekends when traffic would generally be lighter. Best time would be to go through it after 10pm, when traffic would be very light then.

If you can’t help going on weekdays though, try to plan your trip so that you drive to Atlanta at 9:30am to 10am. 2pm to 3pm is also another good option. These times during the day are when congestion is light. It is also advisable to go through at 75 rather than 285, since traffic there would not be too heavy.

8 Tips For Driving

It need not be said, but it is good to plan for any trip, even if it’s short. Traffic isn’t consistent, often unpredictable, and even on lean times unexpected events such as an accident can cause traffic jam. Planning ahead will avoid problems and delays.

As soon as possible, leave house about one to two hours ahead. This is to give enough time for any possible inconvenience or emergency. The worst thing that can happen is to be stuck in bad traffic and your appointment time is about to start in five minutes. Giving yourself enough time will avoid being late for appointments.

If you have GPS, update it as much as possible. If you don’t, listen to radio where traffic updates are being given. Some advice listening to 750 AM for traffic reports in Atlanta. The reports at that station are given every six minutes and are said to be accurate.

Avoid busy days as well. That means weekdays. Also holidays, when people are either going to places or are on their way to shop. Take routes that could be less busy, or else aren’t congested areas. On holidays, don’t go to areas where there are malls as chances are there would be many people heading to that area.

Also, don’t stay in the middle of the road. The worst possible place to be in traffic is in the middle with no way out. Stay close to either the far left or far right. That way, you can have an exit strategy if ever traffic becomes too bad.

Road courtesy and discipline are also important. Always observe driving rules and be kind to other drivers. Those are basic courtesy for most motorists. Being in traffic jam can raise tempers, so a cool head is needed at these times. Just because you’re in a hurry shouldn’t mean that you have to take your ire on others.

Have your vehicle also checked before going out. Traffic can be bad, but it would even be worse if you experience some mechanical failure while on the road. Be sure to have enough fuel so that you have much on the road.

Bring something to keep you occupied. It can be a book, or something that can be done without much distraction. Music is also good if stuck while on the road, as it can lighten the mood and prevent tempers from flaring.

Bottom Line

Bad traffic can be avoided if you know where to look for information. There are times it isn’t that heavy, and you can check out the times when traffic is light in Atlanta. By doing so, you lessen stress and trouble of being stuck in traffic.

However, there are circumstances when you cannot simply cannot prevent from going into congested areas for one reason or another. In those times, keeping temper in check would be most advisable.

The bottom line is to be informed of heavy traffic times. By doing so, you can plan your trip well and make it enjoyable instead of a burden that you have to go through. Having information can save you a lot of trouble.

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