Riding bikes through Santiago and its surroundings


Santiago has many routes that you can enjoy while biking with your family, friends or on your own. Perfect activities to enjoy during holidays!

Summer days along with the fact that many people are on holiday or enjoying some free days, turn these months into the most populars to enjoy on top of two wheels, as long as the temperatures are not too high. We offer some of the routes that can be enjoyed in Santiago or in its surroundings. A perfect activity to enjoy with friends and family, while also exercising yourself.

San Cristóbal Hill

We begin this list with one of the most classical spots for those who love cycling. This green lung in the middle of the city offers different paths, three of them dedicated to cyclists.
The path with the easiest slope is La Pirámide, but it is also the longest of the three of them, with a total of 7 kilometers to the top. The shortest one is also the most popular, which starts at Pedro de Valdivia and it covers a total of 4,5 kilometers. Finally, the path that begins in Pío Nono, it spreads for 5,5 kilometers and it is known as the most difficult and challenging.
What three paths have in common, is that at the end of the race, you can enjoy a delicious “Mote con Huesillo” as a prize.

Pedalling across the Mapocho

This project aims to take back the available space on the riverbed of the Mapocho, making available different points of access in Santiago between Providencia and the Mapocho area. It emerged as an answer to traffic jams, since this route is not interrupted, whether by traffic lights or cars.
Currently, it is possible to access this route through different ramps open from 07:30 a.m to 08:00 p.m.

El Alfalfal

This route in Cajón del Maipo starts in El Manzano area and expands for a total of 22 kilometers in easy and more difficult slopes. What makes this path unique are the wonderful landscapes and the rock formations that complete the view of the Colorado River. For more experienced cyclists, it is possible to follow Ruta del Cóndor, considered as one of the most complicated paths within the Metropolitan Region.

Durazno Bike Park

Formerly known as the Huinganal, this park located in La Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, is one of the most traditional and popular places to practice mountain bike in a amateur and professional level.
There are several underlined paths, which are classified within their difficulty level. It also offers areas and paths that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Panul Park

With limited areas, paths and a few ramps for mountain bike, this forest located a few kilometers away from the Andes, in La Florida, is one of the favourite spots for those who love riding their bikes on mountains while searching for adventures.
Its access is located at the end of Rojas Magallanes and is free of charge. The perfect place for those who enjoy extreme sports.

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