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This website is developed by the Chilean`s Cultural Heritage Corporation and of Entel Internet.

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Cultural Heritage Corporation
Home/Who we are... is a virtual community based on the valuation of our cultural heritage and the collective construction of our identity.

We aspire to reflect the nation's soul, through the active participation of our visitors; encouraging cultural diversity, promoting our patrimony's knowledge and its issues, the development of initiatives and the free interchange of ideas, uniting efforts for the valuation of our patrimony and identity.

We not just want to be a communications channel in the Internet, but also a gathering center of interests: a place for institutions, media and heritage circle's people to collaborate.

By "cultural heritage" we understand all tangible and intangible manifestations that identify us as nation and people.

We believe and encourage a live patrimony concept, in constant growth and transformation, which includes not just monuments, artistic and literary works, patrimonial objects, museums and libraries, but also all popular traditions and the vital signs of identity expressed daily in creation, the feelings and costumes of Chilean people from cities and rural towns.

Only knowing who we are can we understand our History, face our present and project our future.

In a technologized and global world, whose economic model starts showing its flaws, identity's consolidation appears in all of the planet's corners as an important capital, that prevents cultural wealth extinction from our world's diverse people, even with the fierce transcultural processes. is an invitation to immerse on the pleasure of culture through the Internet.

Cyberspace's visuality, dynamism and technology allow us to enjoy culture through an interactive experience, not purely intellectual, but also emotional and sensorial. is the first website dedicated to Chile's Cultural Heritage.

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