Vicente Bianchi, Chilean composer.
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August 2004

National Award:
"Vicente Bianchi, what´s Chilean"

His contribution to traditional Chilean music has been the main reason for the jury of the "Premio a lo Chileno 2004" to recognize our composer Vicente Bianchi. The award is given by the Iansa company, and sponsored by the Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation.

In a solemn election made on August 25th, the 29 members of the jury debated and gave the reasons of the final election of Vicente Bianchi (born in 1929) as the new "Premio a lo Chileno 2004". The Minister of Education, Sergio Bitar, senator Hernán Larraín, scientific Eric Goles, chef Guillermo Rodríguez, musician Benjamín Makenna and Cecilia García-Huidobro (from the Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation) are some of those who had to choose that person or institution that was the most representative of the Chilean spirit during the year 2004.

Five nominees received the votes of more than 80,000 people, mainly through local newspapers. Composer, arranger, interpreter and orchestra and chorus director Vicente Bianchi got most of the preferences. Scientific Eric Goles highlighted some of Bianchi´s verses as part of Chile's musical patrimony.

This is the seventh version of the "Premio a lo chileno", an important incentive of $10 million (around US$16,000) that is anually given to that person, group or institution that has best represented the most authentic values of the Chilean roots. It was created by the Iansa company, and is sponsored by the Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation, through the Cultural Donations Act. The award will be given during a ceremony on September the 15th, at the Santa Lucía hill.

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