Month: September 2018

What to Do in Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker, an island with the motto “Go Slow” and not a single paved road, has become Belize’s own backpacker paradise. With cheap accommodation and reasonably priced tours, the Caye offers backpackers a chance to experience Caribbean living without going over budget. Prices are rising as more and more developers move in but for now, …

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Quito Botanical Garden

I knew that Ecuador was famous for its biodiversity, having the “most diversity per square kilometer of any nation” (according to Wikipedia ), but I mostly just thought that meant it had a lot of birds and reptiles. I didn’t consider its flora. So the Quito Botanical Garden surprised me. Zab and I actually visited twice, …

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The Sacred Mayan Journey

When most people think of Cancun and the surrounding region, they think all-inclusive resorts or Spring Break parties but the area actually has a lot more in the way of culture and history, especially Mayan history, than people think. The Yucatán Peninsula was an important region of the ancient Mayan Empire and still today, Mayan …

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