Rapa Nui: Tale of an Abandoned Island

A valuable, unique and fragile heritage is combined with an ancient and peculiar culture, strongly isolated and with a history of exploitation and abandonment. This complexity currently explains the precarious situation of the natural and archeological heritage of Easter Island, and the controversial relation between the ones involved. By Rosario Mena. Pictures: Consejo de Monumentos …

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Discover Arica, Chile

Arica was the first town we arrived to in Chile entering from Peru in the north.  After researching our Lonely Planet Guide, it was a last minute decision that had us headed to Arica.  The description of what we could find in Chile’s Altiplano was enticing: town of Putre, Lauca National Park, Salar de Surire …

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Stargazing in Chile

We’d hoped to visit San Pedro de Atacama on our first trip to Chile, detouring off the main road from Santiago to the border to see what this desert town has to offer.  But while we were in the south of the country, Chile was rocked by the 8.8-grade earthquake that killed more than 500 …

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