What to pack in Europe


So you know where you’re going, you’ve booked your tour, and you’re eagerly awaiting your departure, now what? Time to pack! To save you time and stress, we’ve created the ultimate guide for what to pack for a trip to Europe.

Our first pro tip – pack light. We know it’s hard, but you will thank us! Moving into different accomodation every few days is much easier and quicker when you have less things! And let’s face it, when do you ever use all of the clothes you actually brought with you?


Let’s begin with the bag. Any suitcase or bag is fine but we always suggest using a backpack. Our tours require you to carry your own luggage and through experience, we have found backpacks to be the easiest way to hop on and off transport with all of your things.


Decide on clothing based on location and weather but always keep light packing in mind! Europe is known for being ultra fashionable (think Paris and Milan), which can make travellers apprehensive about what to wear. Choose clothing based on their versatility and suitability for the excursions your doing. Hiking? Pack some walking shoes. Planning to party? Bring a dress that can be dressed down for day-wear.


Research what the weather be like. If you’re travelling in summer, bring 3 – 4 lightweight t-shirts (Europe can get very hot in the height of summer, especially in Italy!) It’s easy to do some laundry after a few days so you don’t need to pack too many. Shirts and blouses are great items to pack. They can easily dress up an outfit for a night out or if paired with shorts / summer skirts can also be used for casual wear. Bring a couple. The weather in Europe can be very unpredictable, so make sure you bring a few layers. There’s often light showers in summer and parts of Europe dip below freezing in winter!


The key to packing shoes is comfort. No matter where you are in Europe, chances are you will be doing a lot of walking. And if you’re hiking, consider proper hiking boots or trainers. If you are travelling in summer, flip flops and sandals are versatile and don’t take up much space.


As well as your main bag, bring a small backpack or handbag to use whilst sightseeing during the day. You’ll need somewhere to keep your money, documents, camera and phone at the least.


Accessories are another great way to switch up an outfit. A necklace, a pair of earrings or a watch can easily change an outfit from day to night. Sunglasses are also a must! Especially in summer. If travelling during winter, make sure you bring a pair of thick gloves, a hat and a scarf – Europe can get pretty cold! Especially in Russia.

Kindle or similar

E-readers are perfect for travelling. Storing a couple of books on a tiny device is much easier than trying to squeeze in a few paperbacks.


The plugs in Europe can vary from country to country so check which socket and voltage is used. If in doubt, grab a universal adapter.


Whatever you do, do not forget your documents! Passport, travel insurance documents, visas and tickets are all essential! It can never hurt to bring copies too.

Other Bits

  • Money – it will save you a lot of money if you change some cash before hand and bring it with you.
  • Padlock – this is especially important if you are bringing anything of value with you.
  • Money bag – these are very useful for concealing cash when visiting hot pick-pocketing spots.
  • Medicine – it’s always good to have a couple of painkillers just in case, and any other regular medicine you take.
  • Sealable bags – a great way to store possible-leaking-toiletries.
  • Umbrella – essential when visiting Europe – the weather is very unpredictable!

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