Top beauty spots in Eastern Europe


Have you ever come across a sight so beautiful your jaw drops at first glance? You feel as if you could spend hours in the same spot just looking over the stunning piece of nature. The good news is, if you’re travelling around Europe, these locations aren’t too hard to find. We have put together our top beauty spots in Eastern Europe below.

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Turquoise cascading lakes melt seemingly into the verdant forest that surrounds this natural UNESCO heritage site. Located in the heart of Croatia, the national park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Not many nearby waterfalls are as impressive as the layers and colour schemes provided by Plitvice. The numerous wooden walkways provide an easy way to navigate the reserve. There are also various walking routes offered depending on the time-frame you have. For the best experience, stay in a hotel within the park and be one of the first through the gates. 

Krka Waterfalls – Croatia

Croatia is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to natural attractions – and Krka waterfalls is up there with the best! The expansive Krka National Park offers walking trails, bike rental and best of all – swimming! Unlike the protected waters of Plitvice National Park, travellers are invited to take a dip in the beautiful water below the waterfall and enjoy the magical views that come with it. Definitely one of the top beauty spots in Eastern Europe! 

Kotor & Surrounding Fjords – Montenegro 

The picturesque medieval town of Kotor in Montenegro is surrounded by deep fjords and beautiful sweeping landscapes. Within the fortified town, you’ll find a maze of quaint cobbled streets flanked by traditional Mediterranean buildings in shades of orange. The location of this tiny yet fascinating town is considered one of the most beautiful in this corner of Europe. As you’re walking along the shore gazing over the shimmering blue waters with the hills in the background, you will definitely see why. For some of the best views of the bay hike up to Kotor Fortress along the Venetian City Walls. Here you are rewarded with the fantastic sight of the terracotta tiled buildings and the various boats which make their way into the marina.  

Devils’ Town – Serbia

Many years ago, in the southern reaches of Serbia, there was a wedding ceremony between a brother and sister. Distressed at the prospect of incest, a local fairy prayed to the gods to help put an end to this act. And so entered the Devil. He brought strong wind and rain which turned all the guests to stone for centuries to come. At least that’s how the local myth goes! Djavolja Varoš, also known as Devil’s Town, is a fascinating geological site in Serbia that appears as if it’s from another planet. Lines of tall soil pyramids have formed due to erosion and the final result looks right out of a storybook.

This natural phenomenon is so marvelled that it’s been protected by the Serbian government since 1959. It’s also declared a “natural good of outstanding importance”. It’s not just the giant pillars that make the area so interesting – due to the very high acidic levels and iron in the soil the streams are all hues of red and orange!

Lake Bled – Slovenia 

Bled is a picturesque town in Slovenia situated only 50 kilometres from the capital city of  Ljubljana. The magical place is known for the emerald blue lake and Bled Castle, perched peacefully in the centre of the island. The castle, which dates back to the 11th century is the epitome of medieval structures with its towers and moats. All dramatically framed by the snow capped peaks of the Julian Alps! The best way to enjoy these views is by walking around the lake where you’ll come across viewpoints of the lake and surroundings. Alternatively, take a boat across the lake and explore the tiny island where you can check out the castle and its museum exhibiting weapons and carvings from the Bronze Age.   

Matka Canyon – Macedonia

A short thirty minute drive from the capital of city Skopje, you’ll find one of Macedonia’s most beautiful attractions – Matka Canyon. Soaring cliffs protect the peaceful river flowing through the canyon, with plenty of lush vegetation making it a paradise in nature and in our opinion, one of the top beauty spots in Eastern Europe. Enjoy the walkways along the river or hop on a small boat through the canyon to the famous Vrelo Cave. The cave has many stalactites and is a fascinating place to explore while learning about the history of this corner of Europe. Other activities include hiking to visit one of the monasteries, kayaking along the water or enjoying some al fresco dining. 

Blagaj Tekke – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj Tekke is a Dervish Monastery located a short distance from the town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While there are a few other buildings, the signature attraction is the monastery with its traditional stone and carved doorways. It’s said to be around 600 years old and the setting – perched at the foot of a cliff, provides a wonderful backdrop to this fairytale scene. A short drive from Mostar, it’s the perfect day trip to enjoy more of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s unassuming sites.  

Lake Ohrid – Macedonia 

Europe’s oldest and deepest lake, Lake Ohrid borders both Macedonia and Albania. Moreover, it offers lovely sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. The town of Ohrid itself is a charming, Mediterranean destination that oozes history through its churches and old fortress walls. Explore the old bazaar, walk the picturesque lake shores and enjoy a drink overlooking the shimmering water. One of the best views in the region is overlooking the Church of Sv Jovan Kaneo with the vast lake in the background. 

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