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African Safaris

Get up close and personal with Africa’s top wildlife without breaking the bank! Ticking off the big five on a safari adventure is on every wildlife lovers bucket-list and Africa is the perfect destination for experiencing all the action of nature. From witnessing the great wildebeest migration across the Mara River as sneaky crocodiles wait in the waters, to spotting stalking lions on the hunt for their prey, our tours take you to some of the best national parks in Africa.

An African safari adventure doesn’t have to mean high end lodges or expensive game drives. Tucan Travel pride themselves in offering authentic and affordable group travel in Africa, with a range of the best national parks included on the tours. Staying in a mixture of lodges, small hotels or tented camps allows travellers to be in the heart of the action without breaking the bank. Tucan Travels local drivers are well acquainted with the local wildlife and are always on the lookout for where the action is!

We have compiled our top five most affordable safaris throughout Africa, so you can spot the big five on a budget. Browse our top five below.

Top 5 Affordable Safaris in Africa

1. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Endless horizons, vast plains and countless animals, the Serengeti National Park is arguably the most famous nature reserve in Africa. Every year, the Serengeti plays host to the famous and much sought after wildebeest migration, which sees wildebeest, gazelle, and zebras traverse the plains from the Serengeti up to Kenya. Herds of wildebeest aside, the wildlife found here is unparallelled. Lions are constantly on the hunt, leopards lounge in the trees and giraffes dominate the skyline. On a Tucan Travel tour including the Serengeti National Park you have ample opportunities to spot the Big Five from safari 4WD vehicles. We stay inside the National Park in order to maximise our time searching for the wildlife that call it home.

2. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Located in northwest Namibia and coated in a huge, glistening salt pan, Etosha National Park is home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including the endangered black rhino. The beauty of Etosha is the guarantee of seeing a huge range of its inhabitants, most of them eagerly approaching the watering holes for a drink. On a Tucan Travel tour that visits Etosha National Park you can enjoy a full day game drive in the Tucan Travel over-landing truck, with huge panoramic windows allowing for the ultimate wildlife viewing experience.

3. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is the biggest South African safari destination and widely considered one of the finest on the continent. Covering an area of around two million hectares, Kruger National Park also has the title of oldest in Africa. More than 300 archeological sites of Stone Age man have been found here! The big five are at large in Kruger, with lions, leopards, buffalo, elephant and the white rhino existing in large numbers. On a Tucan Travel tour that visits Kruger National Park you enjoy a game drive through the dry plains in the overlanding truck, experiencing not only the array of wildlife but the vast landscape also.

4. Masai Mara, Kenya

The Masai Mara, aptly named in honour of the Maasai people, is well known as being one of the best nature reserves in Africa. Scattered with some of the country’s top wildlife, from lions to zebras, the area covers a vast 580 square miles. In the Masai Mara you can witness hyenas and jackals on the prowl for carcases, On a Tucan Travel Kenya tour, you will cruise through the reserve in 4WD safari vans with eager eyes trying to spot the big five. Staying just outside the National Park allows for a second early morning game drive through the reserve and more chances to witness nature at work.

5. Chobe National Park, Botswana

Botswana’s first national park, Chobe is also one of the most biologically diverse found on the continent. From the lush plains and dense forests to the swamps of Linyanti, Chobe National Park has one of the greatest concentrations of game in Africa! Elephants dominate the plains and lions are constantly on the prowl. The Chobe River sees an abundance of crocodiles and hippos, while a wealth of birds soar above. Chobe National Park also sits close to the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia, making it a popular destination for travellers. On a Tucan Travel tour that visits Chobe National Park you can enjoy a sunset game cruise down Chobe River to gain a different perspective of the wildlife that roam here.

African Safaris FAQs

  1. Do all Tucan Travel Africa tours visit a Safari? Tucan Travel have a range of tours throughout eastern and southern Africa for all tastes, therefore not every tour includes a visit to a safari. Many Kenya tours include both the Masai Mara and Serengeti National park in Tanzania, and the majority of tours through Namibia visit Etosha National Park. If a safari is your top priority, make sure you check out the range of options to include as many as possible on your holiday!
  1. What transport will be used on a safari with Tucan Travel? On a Tucan Travel tour you will use a mixture of the large overlanding truck and smaller 4WD safari vehicles. The mode of transport is always dependant on the national park and the best way to see the animals, as well as road conditions. In Etosha National Park, Kruger National Park and Chobe National Park, you will have game drives in the overland truck, which are high from the ground and have large panoramic viewings for plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities. You will also enjoy a boat cruise in Chobe River as this is the best way to spot the hippos and crocodiles. In the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara, you will hop in smaller 4WD safari vans for animal spotting.
  1. What kind of accommodation can I expect when visiting the national parks? Tucan Travel tours stay in a mixture of small hotels, guesthouses, rondavels, huts and tented camps. When visiting safaris, you will be staying either in the National Park itself or just outside. All accommodation is based on two people sharing, whether it be with your travel partner or a group member of the same sex if you are a solo traveller.
  1. What transport can I expect on tour? We offer a range of transportation on our tours from our very own overland trucks to public transportation so you can experience the true culture of the destinations you are visiting.
  1. The big one – am I guaranteed to see animals? We are pretty confident when we say it is very rare not to see any animals on an African safari! While not everyday is action packed with lion kills and wildebeest migrations, you are likely to see animals grazing and drinking at the watering holes. Our expert local guides and drivers are there to ensure you have the best possible wildlife viewing experience and will always do their best to show you as many of the animals as possible.
  1. Do you have an animal welfare policy? Animal welfare is very important to Tucan Travel, which is why we aim to support the fair treatment of animals by working with suppliers who share the same beliefs and values.

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