Top 10 most romantic places on Group Tours


Group Tours are not just for solo travellers but are also very popular with couples. On Group Tour’s there are as many opportunities to share an intimate moment with your loved one. Here we suggest some of our most romantic destinations.

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

What better place to enjoy a drop of romance than on a rustic island in the middle of Rio Dulce, a peaceful river in Guatemala. The only way to the island is by speedboat, whisking you and your loved one passed trees brimming with birds and iguanas and local communities living off the river as they have been for centuries. Rustic wooden cabins greet you on arrival, with some overlooking the river and with a cocktail in hand, purchased during happy hour, you can find a quiet spot, just the two of you, and watch the sunset, a perfect way to end the day.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

An island escape seems an obvious choice as a Valentine’s Day hideaway, but Zanzibar offers so much more than just resorts on the beach. Start your day early with a tropical fruit breakfast and take one of the traditional dhows out to the reefs to see turtles, stingrays and all manner of coral and tropical fish. Before the day gets too hot, head to a spice plantation and learn about the island’s thriving and fragrant agriculture. Peel cinnamon straight from the tree and purchase your very own jasmine and frangipani perfume, Zanzibar’s ‘Chanel No 5’, for a fraction the price. Early afternoon is definitely lying-under-a-palm-tree-and-snooze time, to give you strength to wander the narrow alleyways of Stone Town in the cooling late afternoon where artisans sell all manner of African crafts. Complete your journey in Forodhani Gardens, where dusk brings forth an army of street food vendors offering a sumptuous array of seafood, meat skewers, chapati, sugarcane juice and Zanzibar pizzas.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

From walking the streets, strolling through the numerous parks and sitting in one of the endless neoclassical cafes that line the streets, it is easy to see why Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of South America. In the heat of the day, the constant tango music and stunning outfits and provocative moves by the dancers creates an intimate atmosphere everywhere you turn. With some of the best steak and wine in the world, a meal at Parilla La Cabrera is recommended and after a delicious dinner, visit a milongas and try the tango with your partner.

Udaipur, India

You will undoubtedly have visited other cities in India before coming across the jewel and true testament of true love that is Udaipur.  Take a romantic sunset cruise across Lake Pichola, taking you close to the marvellous Lake Palace. Get lost in the maze-like streets and catch the true essence of city life. The distant Aravalli Hills overlook the many intricate temples and palaces and from a rooftop you can enjoy an intimate dinner and drink and see the City Palace lit up.  Udaipur is known as the ‘City of Sunrise’, so wake early to share a special moment before the city really wakes up.

Serengeti, Tanzania

This Valentine’s Day it is only appropriate to talk of one of Africa’s inseparable couples, the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. You can spend your days spotting the majestic wild animals, then relax in the evening with a well-deserved sundowner cocktail watching the sunset, taking in the endless shades of the savannah landscape. The warmth of the light is matched only by the hospitality of the local people who are there to welcome you with typically broad smiles. A trip to this region brings to life our mother continent, offering majestic scenery and creating an emotional journey long to be remembered, feeding great memories for years to come. Romance is never far away in such an inspiring setting.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

With its sparkling blue waters and stunning medieval walls, Dubrovnik is truly deserving of its title of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Couples can spend leisurely hours wandering through the narrow medieval streets of the old town exploring the Baroque churches, museums and many quaint shops. When you need a break the perfect place to watch the people go by is the base of the Big Onofrio’s Fountain. No visit is complete without ascending the old medieval walls and taking in the spectacular views across the turquoise sea, and then watching as the sun slowly sets over the roof tops. This beautiful town with its beaches, promenades and old buildings is truly a medieval gem and there can surely be few places that provide a more romantic and dramatic setting.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

No trip to Vietnam is complete without a visit to the spectacular Halong Bay. Climbing aboard a traditional Chinese Junk boat and setting sail on the Gulf of Tonkin will soon have you submerged in the beauty, tranquillity and romance of the bay. With the emerald waters reflecting off the majestic limestone karsts it’s hard not to fall in love with the raw wonder of nature that lies before you. Whether you chose to sit back and admire the natural beauty of the bay, explore its many enchanting caves or stop to interact with friendly locals at the one of colourful raft villages you will be left feeling awe inspired and with a sense of renewed vitality.

Ubud, Indonesia

For a unique, romantic Valentine’s Day, look no further than Ubud in beautiful Bali. Have your senses heightened whilst surrounded by tropical flowers, incense and idols of Buddha and Ganesh everywhere you go in a land where traditional ritual is still very much alive and a part of daily life. Stroll through peaceful rice fields with temples to the rice goddess; indulge in a local Balinese massage or join a yoga class to let your spirit unwind and your heart open. Get up close and personal with monkeys and elephants, enjoy the delicious, exotic food with your loved one, and experience the spectacular Balinese Kechak fire dance or the Lelong dance which the area is famous for. Ubud is the ideal place to relax and spend quiet time with your partner, whilst gathering memories which will long outlast this trip of a lifetime.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Some people might think that a hiking trip wouldn’t be very romantic, but when you are sharing a bottle of great Chilean wine, in a hot tub overlooking the mountains, then you would quickly change your mind. There was one morning when we got up very early and trekked to the highest point (the torres) to watch the sunrise. We were the only people around and we wrapped our sleeping bag around us, snuggling in together and watched Torres del Paine wake up, the colours changing around us. It was a very special moment and one that I will never forget

Cartagena, Colombia

An undoubted highlight of any trip to Colombia is the beautiful city of Cartagena. Situated on the Caribbean this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the very essence of an idyllic romantic retreat. Famed for its beautiful colonial style architecture no visit is complete without a stroll, or serenaded horse and cart ride through its winding cobbled streets amidst balconies bedecked with flourishing bougainvillea. A compact old city ringed by inner walls is the perfect backdrop to quiet al fresco dinners around leafy plazas. For those wishing even more solitude it’s the perfect base to explore the beautiful Nuestra Senora del Rosario archipelago, a short boat ride taking you out to deserted islands, crystal clear coral reefs and turquoise waters in which to snorkel, dive or simply relax with that special someone. Secluded beaches, Latin rhythms, intimate alcoves. What’s not to love?

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