The Cajón del Maipo and its attractions


Located a mere 150 km from the capital city, this area is known for its countless tourists attractions, ideal for adventure sports, and also for its gastronomy.

This is a favorite destination for those who wish to enjoy nature without going too far from Santiago.  The Cajón del Maipo area is located less than an hour from the capital, offering visitors a series of fun-filled weekend activities.

Southeast from Santiago, Cajón del Maipo is known for its striking flora and fauna, its hot springs and a geography that lends itself to adventure sports:  trekking, mountain climbing, high mountain climbing, rafting and windsurf, among others.

The beautiful natural landscapes abundant in this area that boasts a Mediterranean climate makes this a perfect getaway from the boisterous city noise to enjoy the following:

El Morado Natural Monument
A characteristic area of Cajón del Maipo, known for its wild flora and mountain scenery.  It is ideal for trekking, climbing, flora and fauna sightings, and picnics, with no bonfires allowed. Entry fees are around US$ 3.

Located 67 kms from Santiago, its main attractions are mountain and snow-related activities.  Here you can practice skiing, trekking and snowboarding all year round. The entry ticket price is approximately US$ 20.

El Yeso Dam
Extreme sports like trekking, climbing, windsurf and recreational fishing can be practiced here.  And the best of all:  it’s free.

Plomo Hot Springs
Ideal for the spring and summer season, this venue offers thermal baths, trekking and wild flora and fauna sighting.  The ticket price is about US$ 6.

Olivares River
Located 86 kms from Santiago, it has no entry fee, but authorization must be requested from the National Assets Ministry.

Morales Hot Springs
Famous for its thermal pools, which can be visited in summer and spring.  Due to weather conditions, access is restricted in fall and winter.

When visiting these places, visitors are advised to wear warm clothing and carry safety camping equipment.  If you do not have experience in the mountains, do not go on your own and do not take risks in unfavorable weather conditions.

Restaurants at Cajón del Maipo
This mountain area does not only offer beautiful natural landscapes.  A rich and varied gastronomy also contributes to make this the perfect destination for families and visitors:  Chilean, Creole, mountain or international cuisine, in addition to the  stunning mountain scenery, and the Maipo River.  Some restaurants also have additional services such as pools and green areas for relaxation and rest.

Secreto del Agua
Cel. (56-9) 8961 4075

Los Nogales de Roan Jase
Telephone (56-2) 861 12 81

Telephone (56-2) 861 11 09

Parque Almendro
Telephone (56-2) 861 23 01

Hostería y restaurante Millahue
Telephone (56-2) 861 20 20

Don Rodrigo
Telephone (56-2) 87120 79

Donde Tío Pepe
Telephone (56-2) 871 11 29

Casa Bosque
Telephone (56-2) 871 15 70

La Oveja Negra
Telephone (56-2) 861 17 79

Los Cuernos del Toro
Telephone (56-2) 871 19 52

El Rancho del CHE
Telephone (56-2) 871 16 90
Camino al Volcán # 5247 El Canelo

La Parrilla de José
Telephone (56-2) 871 20 88

Luna Llena
Telephone (56-2) 871 13 41

Trattoria Calypso
Telephone (56-2) 871 14 98.

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