Six tours your should take in Chile


Summer is oficially coming, but in case you still don’t know what to do, we made a list of six tours you shouldn’t miss in Chile during summertime

During this time of year the weather is warmer and warmer everyday in all of Chile, which means summer is fast approaching and you can begin to plan your summer break.

Chile has many options to offer depending on if you prefer to visit the north, the Andes, the sea or the magic south. Here you will find a list of six tours you shouldn’t miss in different places of the country. Perfect to start planning your next adventure!

1.- Tour through the Valle del Elqui

Valle del Elqui is an area in Chile’s Coquimbo region that stands our for the diversity of its activities. A tour through in Vicuña and its surroundings usually includes a visit to the Puclaro reservoir and to a vineyard that produces pisco. Lunch is served in a restaurant that uses solar appliances in the kitchens. Last, but not least, you make a stop in Montegrande, so you can visit the town where Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral was born.

2. Tour to Chillán hot springs

Even though Chilean summer is quite hot, truth is a visit to a hot spring never hurts. Perfect to let go of end-of-year stress, a tour through the Chillán hot springs includes horseback riding, giving you the chance to admire the beauty of this area’s landscapes and nature. To complete the tour, you will visit the city of Chillán, its Cathedral and the mythical cave where the Pincheira brothers hid.

3.- Tour in the Toltén river

Further south, near Pucón, is the Toltén river, the perfect place for family trips. It is possible to navigate its calm waters with specialized guides and then enjoy a typical Chilean asado on the shore.

4.- Casablanca valley tour

No list of tours in Chile would be complete without a wine-related tour. The Casablanca valley is perfect for that. In this tour you will visit a boutique vineyard and you will have a tasting of their best wine varieties, all with a delicious meal. If that is not enough, you will finish the day in the beautiful Valparaíso.

5.- Bike tour in La Chimba

Santiago joins the list with a bike tour through one of its historical neighborhoods: La Chimba. The perfect combination of history and exercise, all while you visit iconic places like Patronato, Estación Mapocho, Vega Central and Bellavista, rediscovering their origins. You will also have the opportunity to know more about the personal life of Nobel prize winner Pablo Neruda when you visit the poet’s Santiago house, La Chascona.

6.- Tour to Aysen’s Capillas de Mármol

For those who love adventure, Aysén has the perfect option. In a tour through the Capillas de Mármol you will marvel at the beauty of the General Carrera lake and the surrounding nature of the Carretera Austral. You will also discover rocks with drawings made by Aysen’s indigenous peoples, and enjoy the sublime experience of hiking on a glacier.

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