In Chile For A Vacation? Find Out the 8 Most Important Things To Pack


Travelling to Chile is definitely an exciting idea. This place is a favourite region for many travelers because it offers multiple kinds of tourist attractions for people with diverse interests and belonging to all age groups.

CHILE — Though packing up your bags and leaving for Chile may sound simple and an easy thing to do, there are various things that should be taken care of before you leave your home and get onboard. Let’s take a look at’em:

1. Sunscreen Lotion
Different places in Chile have varying weather. Though sun is not very harsh in most of the places, it is a wise idea to carry your sunscreen lotion along to avoid any side effects of unwanted sun exposure.

2. Camera
Not just for Chile, wherever you visit for a vacation, taking camera along is as essential as your clothing accessories. So, check your camera before packing if it is working fine, and arrange some extra batteries as you might not get enough time to charge it every day. Pack it all up as soon as you drag your bags out of the store room.

3. Rain Jacket
Pack up a light rain jacket and rain friendly shoes if you do not want weather to become an obstacle in your outing schedule. When visiting a new place, especially Chile during the winter, packing rain jackets in your luggage can prove to be a great blessing.

4. An Extra Pair Of Glasses
Sun glasses are a must to carry, especially if you are planning an adventurous vacation in Chile. Besides, if you have weak eyesight, it is extremely important to pack an extra pair of glasses in your luggage. If you break the ones you are using or they get lost in travel, you can use the spare one you are carrying.

5. Travel Guide Book
A travel guide book and a list of all emergency numbers is a must-have when you land in Chile. This will not only help you explore this beautiful place without any problems but also allow you to battle off any problems that you might face in a foreign place.

6. Medications
While it is easy to purchase medications without prescription in Chile, it is strongly advised to pack your own medicines in luggage so that you don’t have to experiment with new medicines in a new place. Especially if you take any allergy medication, do not only carry them along but also ask your doctor for other remedies and alternate medicines that will be available in Chile for your condition to avoid any risks.

7. Comfortable Clothing And Footwear
You do not need to dress any special when you are in Chile. Whether you are there on an adventurous trip or sight-seeing with family or friends, pack up some casual clothes like jeans, t-shirts and etc.

It is ideal to carry your hiking shoes and appropriate clothing if you don’t want to get worried if your dress gets dirty or torn during hiking. However, you can afford to forget to pack some of the clothing as you will find many reasonable shopping options there.

8. Travel Documents
Last but not the least; make sure to pack your travel documents in a hand-carry even before you start packing your clothes so that no matter what you forget, you have your complete documents with you when you reach there.

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