How Much Money Should You Expect to Bring With You to Vegas?


Sin City… the City of Lights… it’s Vegas, baby! There are few people on the planet who don’t consider this desert oasis a location to tick off the bucket list. Its hedonistic, revelrous nature has given it a romantic tint in the mind’s eye of many the world over. A place where all your dreams can be made to both come true and be broken, all under the twinkling lights and stars of one crazy night, that lives as long in the memory as the copious amounts of alcohol you’re likely to consume will allow. But, how much does all of this fun cost? And how much money to bring to Vegas is enough?

Well, let’s first outline what you’re likely to get up to on your trip, and how much each activity costs:


Everybody’s gotta eat, right? So let’s start there.

Las Vegas has some of the world’s best restaurants to choose from, but it also likes to accommodate those with a more modest budget. You can get great food in Sin City for less than you might think. Cravings Buffet at the renowned Mirage casino is a prime example, with all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for as little as $15.99 (which, if you eat enough could see you right through to dinner where they offer a $30.99 buffet.

Since Vegas is all about playing your cards right and raising the stakes, why not gamble for your food also? Take on one of many food challenges in this adult playground and win your meal, and even earn some souvenirs at the same time! If you don’t complete the challenge under the rules set out you still have to pay but, hey, it wouldn’t be Vegas if you weren’t putting your money literally where your mouth is.

Those looking to splash out on the finer food that the city has to offer are utterly spoiled for choice. Most of the casinos host world-beating restaurants, with head chefs famed around the globe for their culinary talents.

Away from the strip there are also a wide variety of eateries vying for the top spot in the city. One of the best restaurants in Las Vegas is Delmonico Steakhouse serving a modern twist on the American classics, with dishes ranging from crispy fried oysters, to the tastebud tantalising Chateaubriand at a whopping $130 a plate.


After you’ve had your fill of the various Vegas food options, you’re likely to be ready for some drinks to wash it all down with.

The hotel industry generally is renowned for its in-house drinks repertoire, with many famous cocktails being developed in the make-shift laboratories of a hotel bar.

So, what of Vegas, a town utterly built upon hotels? You guessed it… Amazing cocktails on every corner and beverage options envied the world over.

For the spritz lover, where better than the carbon copy of one of Italy’s most famous cities? Enter The Venetian casino and hotel. Your Aperol and Campari cravings can be soothed in seconds at The Dorsey, the hotel’s in-house cocktail bar. Sample their cocktail menu from as little as $12.

Escaping the crowds in Vegas is a tricky task but, luckily, there are a number of watering holes to delve into and get away from the wedding parties and drunken tourists.

One particular bar that ought to help you forget you’re in one of the most visited cities on the planet is The Laundry Room. This speakeasy and bar-within-a-bar, seating a positively tranquil twenty-seven patrons at any one time, is an ideal hideaway for the reflective drinker. With industrial details, a drinks selection trumping that of any speakeasy worth its salt and text-message-only access, it’s a genuine throwback to the time where ordering your favourite tipple wasn’t so easy. Cocktails here start from a pleasantly surprising $9, meaning that prices are 1920s era too!


Las Vegas is perhaps as famous for its hotels as it is for its casinos, from the dramatic and shady motels to the huge monoliths like the Luxor , both equally as well represented in the glitzy world of Hollywood movies.

It is possible to find hotels and motels just off the main strip for as little as $20 per night, per person on various booking websites and some of the more respected hotels will over deals on rooms in order to fill them, after all, there’s a lot of competition in Sin City for your custom.

Generally speaking, the most famous hotels and casinos will charge upwards of $200 per night for their rooms, with some suites reaching astronomical figures, which are perfect for when you win big on the blackjack table and want to round off your trip in style.


Casino spending is a rite of passage in the crazy world of Las Vegas but, realistically, no-one but yourself should be suggesting how much you spend on casino games.

The best advice to take on board before visiting Vegas is to calculate what you can realistically afford to lose, because the odds aren’t in most people’s favour of returning with any of it.

Luckily, there are options for every visitor’s budget, with slot machines that accept 5 cents to one dollar deposits, and potentially huge jackpots to win in return.

For games like Craps, Texas Hold ‘em, Roulette and Blackjack, different tables offer different stakes, which obviously lead to bigger losses, and potentially bigger rewards, the higher the stake.

Whatever you choose to put on, best of luck and we hope you leave Vegas with a big smile on your face.

Shows and Entertainment

The City of Lights is brightened as much by stars of the moment as it is stars in the sky, with entertainment coming in some of the most spectacular forms ever conjured. Famous names have always found a home in Las Vegas, with the likes of Frank Sinatra, James Brown and the Rolling Stones among countless names to grace the city. Current stars owning the stage include Rod Stewart, Cher, Boyz II Men and Britney Spears.

Famous shows which take the stage by storm include a number of productions from the unbelievable Cirque du Soleil, magician acts, burlesque and other adult shows and a whole host of other treats.

Prices vary entirely for this and can range from as little as $15-20 to well into the hundreds of dollars.

How Much Money to Bring to Vegas? It Depends.

Vegas then, is truly what you make of it. If you’re looking for somewhere to blow any excess cash you have lying around, it’s the place for you, or if you want fun and thrills on a relatively tight budget, there’s also options to provide you with one of the most memorable holidays you’ll ever book!

If you have recent experience in Las Vegas and have some tips you’d like to offer, why not drop us a comment in the section below?

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