How Many Days Should You Spend in Budapest?


Are you wondering how long to spend in Budapest?

There are many factors that might influence the number of days you spend in Budapest, such as your budget, interests and personal circumstances.

Also many great reasons for heading to the capital of Hungary, so this article discusses some of its main attractions and why so many people choose to head out for breaks there.

Read on to find out how many days in Budapest you should spend.

Why Do People Go To Budapest?

Budapest is an historic city that’s popular with tourists from across the world. It is known as one of the globe’s most iconic cities and is known for its thermal baths, exciting nightlife, rich cultural options, things to do for children, diverse shopping opportunities and distinctive, warmly-welcoming restaurants.

The city has an exciting fusion of modern and old buildings, as well as various new attractions.

The Baths Of Budapest

The city is known for its elegant thermal baths like the Király Bath, where you can relax whilst admiring the ancient architecture, plus many upmarket spas to choose from. For example the Széchenyi Baths, which has 18 pools and 10 saunas.

Budapest is also home to various health-focussed hotels and open air pools like the Gellért Bath. Many locals head to the baths not to swim, but to unwind and spend time with friends.

Café Culture And The Danube River

Budapest has also become famous for its café culture, with its most revered venues including the Lotz Hall Café, which sits at the back of the Art Deco Paris store. This has helped it become one of Europe’s key destinations for coffee connoisseurs.

For those in need of retail therapy, they are virtually guaranteed to love the various new small boutiques that have sprung up over Budapest.

The Danube River runs through the city, splitting it in two. Hence the name “Pearl of the Danube”.

The Royal Palace is located on the “Buda…” side, as are a number of museums and buildings which date back to medieval times.

The “…Pest” side of town is generally busier and is where you’ll find attractions including the Adrassy Avenue boulevard and the parliament building.

More Leading Attractions

Though a number of bridges link the two banks, the Chain Bridge is the most well-known.

While many people explore the city on foot, you can also get around by taking advantage of the underground system and the tram.

Other leading Budapest destinations include the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Opera House, known to the locals as Magyar Állami Operaház.

How Many Days In Budapest?

A Weekend

You don’t have to spend weeks in Budapest to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding break there. Even if you’re only in the city for two to three days, you can still fit in a great deal of activity.

Take a stroll around the city to take in sights like Andrássy Avenue, and devote an afternoon to relaxing in one of the thermal baths to enjoy the city at its best.

You may also wish to spend time in the District VIII, the Jewish district, during the daytime, possibly after enjoying the epic views from Chain Bridge.

One great way to spend an evening is to head to the opera or socialise in one of the local beer gardens known locally as romkerts. The Market Hall is a great place to stock up on gifts for your loved ones back home – or to just treat yourself.

3 Days Or More

If you have more than a few days, why not embark on a cruise?

Trips along the Danube River can be simply wonderful, and options are available whether you’re looking for something quick or have enough time to incorporate dinner into the experience.

Cruises are ideal for those wishing to take in a string of iconic sights whilst on the move.

Margaret Island is Budapest’s main recreational area and features various medieval ruins. The island is home to a number of green areas and regularly plays host to concerts and plays.

If you’re in Budapest for a week or longer, why not visit one of Hungary’s other famous cities like Pécs, Debrecan or Gyor?


We hope this guide has helped you if you have been wondering about how many days in Budapest you should spend enjoying the city.

Do you have any questions? If so, tell us below. We think :

  • A weekend in Budapest if you wish to enjoy the main sights, take a thermal bath and perhaps fit in a trip to the opera.
  • It could be best to spend 3-7 days in the city if you wish to visit a number of key destinations, head out on a cruise and venture further afield. Why not start booking your trip today?

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