Great Things To Do In Sydney When You Land


​Flying into Sydney is an excellent idea because it’s one of those cities that has beautiful beaches and magnificent architectures, like the sail-designed Sydney Opera House. Also, Sydney is multicultural, a great shopping destination, and offers delicious food for everyone.

In this post, you’ll learn the great things you can do in Sydney, Australia.

​Watch A Show in The Sydney Opera House

​One of the most famous 20th-century buildings in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. It’s a major venue of performing arts that’s more stunningly beautiful when illuminated at night. Every week, there are 40 shows across the Opera.

Surely, your family would love the dance-theater show, Storytime Ballet: The Nutcracker, presented by the Australian Ballet. It’s a narrated dance show that’s made especially for children ages three years old and above. It’s one of the most famous ballet shows performed on stage. Bring your kids in your next grand vacation and add Sydney in your bucket list.

Here are the genre of the shows you’ll see in Sydney Opera House:

  • ​Cabaret Circus and Magic
  • Talks and Ideas
  • Contemporary Music
  • Comedy
  • Classical Music
  • Dance
  • Film
  • First Nations
  • Musical Theater
  • Kids and Families
  • Opera

​Walk, Jog, or Swim at Bondi Beach

​Bondi Beach is a famous beach in Australia because it’s a popular hangout of both local and international celebrities. You can simply walk along the shore, jog early morning with your partner, or swim in one of the ocean pools of Bondi.

Afterward, you can dine on one of the best restaurants serving vegan food.

​Climb the Iconic Bridge: Sydney Harbour Bridge

​The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the few climbable bridges in the world. It’s a unique adventure if you’re looking for a challenging activity in Sydney. Expect tight safety measures implemented when climbing the bridge.

Hair clips are not even allowed because of the possibility of slipping out and falling. Hats and eyeglasses are allowed, but they must be tied down to your suit. Cameras are not permitted because they may slip and drop, hitting the windshield of motorists below.

Here are the good-to-know facts about climbing tours at Sydney Harbour Bridge:

​The climbing tour is open to people ages ten years old and above.

Most climbing tours are available 24/7.

There are different types of climbs you can try, wherein the shortest route is two hours and fifteen minutes, and the longest route with uninterrupted views lasts for three and a half hours.

Prices vary depending on the time of the climb.

​Visit the Beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens

​Established in 1816, The Royal Botanic Garden is Australia’s world-class botanical garden. It’s also considered as the oldest scientific institution in the country, which is just a few minute walk from the Opera House and Sydney central business district. Also, it’s a popular public recreation area and event venue.

Get to see 8,637 different species of plants in more than 75 countries at Royal Botanic Gardens. Also, you’ll learn more about the rich Aboriginal culture. Indeed, it’s a great place to relax and learn more about Australia’s history with family and friends.

​Visit Manly

It’s a relaxed beachside suburb that’s very popular among locals and tourists. Manly is one of the best places to take selfies for your Instagram or Facebook posts, and enjoy cool and fun activities.

Here are the fun activities you can do at Manly:

Beach Volleyball: Release your stress and tension by playing beach volleyball with family and friends.

Running: Be healthy and fit even when you’re on vacation by jogging or running along Manly.

​Kayaking: Invite your friends and enjoy a great kayaking adventure at Manly.

Scuba Diving: Explore the beauty in the underworld via scuba diving.

Surfing: If you love the waves, grab a board and surf.

​Try Exciting Activities at Luna Park

​Luna Park is a fantastic place for children because of the endless amusement park rides. Enjoy and experience roller coaster thrill, a mirror maze, and sideshow games.

One fun sideshow game includes the Clowns, laughing long and loud repetitively. This game involves popping a ball in the cake’s hole of the clown. It would need a combination of high skill, intense concentration, and perfect timing.

Here are some of the rides that you and your family and friends can try at Luna Park:

​Hair Raiser


Wild Mouse


Ferris Wheel

Tango Train

Coney Islands



​Sydney Australia has a lot of things to offer to tourists – beautiful gardens, famous museums, and stunning architectural landmarks. That’s why it’s worth visiting this place with family and friends.

Enjoy your grand vacation in Sydney and try watching a show at the Opera House, visiting the Royal Botanic Garden, and swimming at Bondi Beach. Also, enjoy the fun rides at Luna Park and amazing outdoor activities in Manly.

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