Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit


Game of Thrones fans everywhere are waiting with baited breath for the concluding season to air, when we will finally uncover the fate of Jon Snow and Daenerys. Yes, there has been some other much-loved shows out in the last few years (we’re talking Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead), but there are no fans as die-hard as GOT fans. Fans may go to visit the scenes of The Walking Dead in Georgia, they might take a trip to Albuquerque to walk in the shoes of Heisenberg, however the locations for Game of Thrones has got to top them all! And best of all, most of the filming took place in real locations that are actually very accessible. We’ve tracked down some of the best places in the world where you can wander in the shoes of the white walkers, or let out your inner Khaleesi!

Croatia, Europe

A LOT of scenes from GOT were filmed in Croatia – a stunning holiday destination! But if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, even more so! In Croatia you can visit Cersei’s stomping ground – King’s Landing in Westeros – most scenes were filmed in the fortified coastal town of Dubrovnik. Walking around, you can instantly recognise locations from the show all over ‘Old City’.‘Stradum’ where Cersei Lannister does her walk of atonement. ‘Fort Bokar’ where Tyrion and Varys discuss what his ‘little birds’ have told him. And of course the awesome scene of King Joffrey’s wedding can be found in the heart of Dubrovnik.

Although, it’s not all filmed in Dubrovnik, Split also played a major role in the filming. On our Dubrovnik to Budapest tour you can visit the catacombs where Daenerys held her beloved dragons, or take in the ‘Landscapes of the West’, filmed in Krka National Park on our Walking Croatian National Parks tour. And if you want to take it that little bit further, extend your tour and visit ‘Braavos’ – real name ‘Sibenik’.

Spain, Europe

If you want to enter into the pit of action, Spain is the place to go. Seville plays a major role in the location of Game of Thrones. Visit the actual ‘Daznak’s Pit’ (real name ‘Plaza de Toros de Osuna’). This is where Daenerys unleashes her fire-breathing dragons. You can also explore the ‘Royal Palace of Dorne’ – set in the real Alcazar Palace, also in Seville. And if these trips inspire you to take on an adventure of your own, what better place than heading to the mountains.

Iceland, Europe

Iceland is by far one of the most used Game of Thrones filming locations. Which is partly due to its incredible raw beauty and otherworldly landscapes! With only a three-hour flight from London (instead of a month on horseback!) why not ‘go beyond the wall’? Visit Mance Rayder’s army base on Lake Mývatn and the nearby cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte first got a bit steamy… And on the warmer side, the pass to Eyrie was filmed at Thingvellir National Park, a few km from Reykjavik. 

Morocco, North Africa

Our Morocco and Sahara tour gives you a real sense of the ‘Slaving City’ where the battle with the ‘Second Sons’ was filmed in Game of Thrones. As most of the areas such as Yunkai (real name ‘Ait Benhaddou’), are UNESCO World Heritage sites, they weren’t altered at all for filming so you are literally walking amongst the scenes! The nearby Quarzazate was also the location where they filmed Pentos. On the other side, our Best of Morocco tour stops at the iconic Astapor where Daenarys’ dragons flew above the crowds at the end of season 3 – real name Essaouira.

Other Game-of-Thrones-esq locations to visit….

Egypt, North Africa

Whilst Egypt and Jordan aren’t Game of Thrones filming locations, you can definitely capture the whole vibe of wandering through barren deserts and exotic faraway lands. Just like when Khaleesi conquers Meereen…Our Egypt, Jordan and Israel tours are the perfect way to get a taste of that desert life!

Vietnam, Asia

Did you know that Halong Bay literally translates to “descending dragon”? They may not be using Vietnam as a Game of Thrones filming location, but it definitely has a certain ‘mother of dragons’ element to it. Legend goes the Vietnamese had to fight off invaders from the north in order to keep their country. The Jade Emperor (the first god in traditional Chinese culture), felt sorry for the Vietnamese and sent down the mother dragon to help defend their country. Our Vietnam Highlights tour is the perfect way to get a taste of Vietnam, as well as giving you the option of spending 2 nights on an authentic Junk Boat drifting around Halong Bay.

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