Best places to visit in May


Are you looking for a getaway in May and are wondering where to go? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find our best places to visit in May.

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1. Cuba

Cuba is a paradise for any traveller wanting to get away from their fast-paced life. Due to the long-lasting communist government, time seems to be standing still in Cuba. Even what we consider a mundane thing, like Wi-Fi, is anything but mundane in Cuba. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get Wi-Fi here! What you can find in Cuba is a vibrant culture, beautiful colonial towns, pristine beaches, mesmerising landscapes and the list goes on.

Cuba is one of the best places to visit in May for sun because it’s the last month of the dry season. Moreover, it’s also the last month of spring before summer approaches. Therefore, you have a near perfect combination of clear blue skies and high temperatures. This will allow you to fully embrace the Caribbean way of life. From learning about Cuba’s history and culture to sipping on cocktails in front of sunset views. From a classic Cuban rum tasting to relaxing beach time, Cuba has it all.

2. Peru

Peru is a diverse country and with the ever-changing landscapes come different weather conditions. On a two week trip to Peru, you can come across bustling metropolitan areas, the striking Andes mountains, dry desert and the wild Amazon Jungle. This makes it difficult to predict weather for the country as a whole. However, May usually offers a pleasant experience for travellers across the whole country. It’s the end of the wet season and autumn is in full swing. This is the time of year when the four-day Inca Trail is extremely popular due to the still warmer temperatures, decreased likelihood of rain and clearer skies.

3. Croatia

Although the Adriatic Sea along the coast and many islands of Croatia hasn’t quite heated up following the cold winter months, Croatia is a great destination for your trip in May if you’re not after a beach holiday. Daytime temperatures are usually in the early 20s and it’s mostly dry with blue skies. In summary, perfect conditions to explore the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia and walk around mesmerising Plitvice National Park.

4. Morocco

Morocco is one of the best places to visit in May, especially if you’re planning on an overnight trip to the desert. Moving slowly towards summer, the afternoon sun grows stronger with peaks in the high 20s degrees Celsius and nighttime temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius. It’s perfect weather to explore the maze of Souks, wander around the “blue city” Chefchaoen and enjoy an incredible night of star-gazing under the desert sky.

5. Israel

Israel experiences similar weather conditions to Morocco and it’s therefore not a surprise that the country is also one of the best places to visit in May. The weather isn’t too hot and it’s great for exploring historical sites, going on walking tours and hiking around the more rural areas of the country. May will also give travellers a more authentic experience as there are fewer crowds in Israel this time of year. You may also be able to catch the Jerusalem Light Festival and Jerusalem Day if you travel in May. Check in advance to make sure you have the right dates for the year you’re travelling in.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Spring is in full bloom in Eastern Europe and transforms the countryside and metropolitan areas into colourful scenes. There is hardly a better time to be visiting this region with warm and mostly dry conditions. Although Europe can be unpredictable, be sure to pack an umbrella and jumper! When you visit Prague in May you’ll also be able to dodge the crowds and the high temperatures that are awaiting the city from June through to September. Grab your passport, it’s time for an Eastern European Adventure!

7. Botswana

The wet season in Botswana runs from November through to April, bringing clear skies, fewer mosquitos, lush green landscapes and low chances of rain to the country in May. Botswana is one of the best places to visit in May for people who like to explore without the burning midday heat that follows from July onwards. Daytime temperatures in May are usually around 25 degrees Celsius with cooler evenings. Overall May offers great conditions so you can enjoy watching wildlife in Chobe National Park and go for a mokoro ride and walking safari on the Okavango Delta.

8. South Africa

The winter months in South Africa are putting a hold to the pressing summer heat and instead, visitors are welcomed by pleasant temperatures for sightseeing and game drives. South Africa is a big country with different climates and temperatures near 30 degrees Celsius can still be found in parts of the country in May. However, you can expect pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius in Cape Town and in Kruger National Park. It’s also the end of the wet season which means green vegetation and higher chances of spotting wildlife, making South Africa one of the best places to visit in May!

9. Austria

Similar to other countries in Eastern and Central Europe, May brings pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius and blue skies to Austria. Get to know majestic Vienna in the middle of spring on a City Bike Tour, simply go on foot or jump on a Hop on Hop off Bus. Don’t forget to pay Schloss and Gardens of Schonbrunn a visit. The castle is considered a Baroque masterpiece and used to be the residence of the royal Habsburg family.

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