Best beaches in Brazil


With over 7,000 miles of sparkling coastline, Brazil has a countless selection of beaches to explore. With a country this large, you can be guaranteed to find your perfect one. Are you buzzing to feel the excitement of one of the most famous beaches in the world? Or do you want to lounge in a hammock with only the sound of the waves as company? Brazil has all of the above and everything in between. Here’s our pick of the best beaches in Brazil.

Lençóis Maranhenses – Maranhão

Lencois Maranhenses is one of the most unique destinations on earth, let alone in Brazil. This national park is comprised of sprawling, blindingly-white sand, which curves and falls into deep dunes, creating the perfect spot for pools of rainwater to collect. Swimming in the turquoise lagoons surrounded by steep dunes is a surreal experience and one you definitely shouldn’t miss. Make sure you visit Lencois Maranhenses between June – September to see the lagoons. If you visit during the dry season, you’ll find something else entirely.

Praia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha

Praia do Sancho has held a consistent top spot for the best beach in Brazil for many years. Sheer cliffs back the arc of golden sand, fringed with lush vegetation, making this one of the most beautiful settings in Brazil. With a dirt trail to follow and ladders descending to the beach, it feels like you’ve stumbled upon a secluded section, just for you. Unfortunately, it’s no longer Brazil’s best-kept secret, but due to the string of pristine beaches in the archipelagos, it never gets too busy.

Did you know?

The beaches in Fernando de Noronha are some of the best in Brazil for whale and dolphin watching.

Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro

Visiting one of the most famous beaches in the world is almost a right of passage for any traveller in Brazil. The notorious party destination of Copacabana is in the heart of Rio de Janeiro and should not be missed. This 2.5-mile stretch of sand is alive with music, crowds of people, volleyball and football, and flanked with a chequered boardwalk lined with hotels and restaurants. But it’s not just tourists that come here, Copacabana is also a favourite amongst locals.

Ipanema beach – Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema is another of Brazil’s most famous beaches. Enjoy the stunning surroundings of the twin peaks and explore the stylish restaurants, boutiques and trendy bars. The palm-lined arc of soft, white sand blending into the rolling waves, is often regarded as one of the best beaches in Brazil. Explore the nearby galleries, colonial theatres and vibrant clubs. Be aware that Ipanema Beach is one of the most popular in Brazil, so don’t expect it to be quiet!

Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande

Lopes Mendes is a secluded two-mile stretch of white sand that is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of peace. The beautiful, rustic nature of the area is unsurpassed, with mountains looming in the background and howler-monkeys bickering in the rainforest. Hidden almost entirely from view, this is a great place to go off-grid. You won’t find the usual culprits of restaurants and bars lining the shore here. In fact, the island doesn’t even have roads. Enjoy the swaying of a hammock laying under the almond trees, take on the Brazilian surf, or snorkel in the marine-filled shores.

Jeri Beach – Jericoacoara

The best beaches are often some of the hardest to get to, and Jericoacoara is no exception. Hidden behind sloping dunes, the only way to reach Jeri Beach is by trekking through the national park. Once you’ve reached the picturesque village of Jericoacoara, you’ll find a selection of accommodation, bars and nightlife. Jeri Beach is one of the best beaches for activities – kiteboarding, windsurfing and sandboarding are the most popular. Jeri Beach is well-known as having one of the best sunsets in Brazil. A spectacular quick green light flashes when the last bit of sun dips just below the horizon.

Praia de Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

This quaint fishing village is a hot spot for locals but is one of the lesser-known beaches for tourists. Steep, pink cliffs lead down to crystal-clear water, perfect for surfing and diving. Sections of the great Atlantic Forest still grow in lush patches along the dunes, lining the shores. Hire buggies and explore the area, swim with turtles and dolphins, go sandboarding. Or hit up some of the excellent bars and cafes in town, knocking back a few caipirinhas here and there.

Praia do Forno – Búzios

Accessible by boat or by walking the long, unmarked trail, Praia do Forno can be challenging to get to. The calm and shallow water lining the secluded beach is perfect for families looking to get off the beaten track. Aptly named, the Beach of Angels, this remote stretch of sand is situated in the cove of Arraial do Cabo. Fantastic coral is hidden below the surface, making it a great place to explore with a snorkel. The nearby restaurant also serves incredible seafood.

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