Alternatives for exploring Chile’s nature trails


Chile’s nature trails are abundant from north to south. Going through them becomes increasingly easier with the help of websites and mobile apps that provide the necessary information for people to know the country through its trails.

Internationally known as trekking, hiking is a booming sport. It is a widely developed activity in Chile, given that its geography has an enormous amount of attractions that invite people to take their backpacks and plunge into the vast and diverse local nature.

Andean landscapes, a long coastline, deserts in the north, forests and jungles in the south, in addition to the imposing Patagonia, are some of the captivating options for those who enjoy walking trails and witnessing natural wonders with nothing but a backpack on. Moreover, it is not necessary to move so far away from the main urban areas to do some trekking: the alternatives are varied and suitable for all kinds of agendas.

An excellent starting point is being provided by Sendero de Chile, a nonprofit institution with representatives of the public sector in its Board of Directors and with State financial support. The initiative promotes the knowledge of the country through fifty properly authorised roads, which include maps and access to heritage areas of singular appeal and value. It also counts with information for excursions and environmental education.

Following the same line, the app “Rutas Outdoors Andes Handbook” was recently launched. This project was developed jointly by the Ministry of Economy, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Sernatur, Conaf and Corfo, and seeks to show the many offers of mountain and trekking tourism around the country. The app, available for Android and iOS devices, brings together 120 downloadable maps of routes and trails which are suitable for walks with children, domestic animals and enabled for people in situation of disability.

The tools are at hand. You only need to organize, load your backpack and go out climbing through Chile.

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