7 Useful Tips for Inexperienced Travelers


Going travelling for the first time? Then there are a few things you must know. Here are some tips for travelling abroad or specifically to Chile.

1.- Please, do not drink tap water! This is probably one of the most basic things that you need to know when travelling abroad or even if you are travelling through your own country.

Every city and/or every country uses different kinds of substances in their tap water which can cause stomach problems.

2.-  You should not eat food that you are not used to. Why? Because your body could react in a bad way. Perhaps you can try things but don’t eat a lot. And here in Chile, you should not eat raw vegetables from street markets as they aren’t always washed with drinking water.

3.-  If you are in Santiago or any other city in Chile avoid eating in the streets because the people who usually sell the food don’t tend to wash their hands, and if you observe them, you will notice that they usually touch your food with the same hand as they touch money with… ewwww!

4.- Like most big cities around the world there are areas which can be dangerous so if you are going in to the city center, for example here in Santiago; Estación Central or Estación Mapocho, don’t wear expensive jewelry.

5.- Be careful where you exchange your money. In Santiago there are many places on Agustinas street, downtown, where you can do this. But, be careful when choosing a place to exchange money and don’t flash the cash! Always keep it hidden and safe.

6.- Before to go visit these places make sure that you know the exchange rate so you can compare and get the best deal.

7.- If you are going to travel anywhere by bus, expect the toilets to be dirty and so try to remember to take tissue paper and anti-bacterial wipes/gel too.

I hope that these tips will become helpful and useful to you whilst travelling abroad! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! It’s my pleasure to help you all.

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