5 Top travel experiences for families with young children


It can be difficult to organise a family adventure holiday, especially when you are travelling with young children. Maybe your kids are fairly young and you want them to experience something new that’s age appropriate. Or you have a young child and a teenager and want both to have fun on the same holiday? A multi-activity holiday everyone in the family can enjoy may seem impossible to find. Luckily our Tailor-made Specialists have many ideas for your next family holiday. We have listed 5 top travel experiences for families with young children to get you started.

1 Travel to the equator

A lot of people have travelled to the northern and southern hemispheres. But who can say they stood in the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time? That’s correct, not a lot of people! Plan a trip to Kenya or Borneo for some serious wildlife spotting. Whilst you’re there, make sure you head to the equator! It’s a great travel experience for families.

2 Discover exotic wildlife

Discovering exotic animals is fun for the whole family and it’s an educational holiday for the younger members of the group. Instead of vising the local zoo, you can spot wildlife in their natural habitat whilst contributing to the preservation of national parks.

Take your children on a game drive in Africa to spot lions and elephants. If you are in a ‘jungle-y’ mood then the Amazon Jungle or national parks in Costa Rica should be on top of your list. See sloths hanging in the the leafy green vegetation, get a peak of a crocodile or catch monkeys jumping from tree to tree. Watch your belongings, anyone who has had an encounter with a monkey can testify that they will “borrow” anything that’s not nailed to the floor.

3 Explore beautiful landscapes

Another great travel experience for families is exploring landscapes. The world is a remarkable place and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding unique and breath-taking landscapes. Hiking will connect you with nature and might even make you view the world a bit differently. Plus, sleep will come easily to your children after an active day packed with adventure. Why not let your family appreciate the view of a colossal volcano in Arenal, Costa Rica? There are a lot of easy hikes we can arrange as a full or half day excursion for your family.

4 Uncover ancient ruins and temples

If you’re into history and archaeology then it’s time to take your family on an adventure to uncover ancient ruins and temples. Let your children learn all about lost cities, ancient civilisations and how those civilisations have made the impossible possible. Lay your eyes on the mysterious, ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, visit the ruins of Teotihuacan or follow the footsteps of the Mayans. No matter what ancient site you choose to explore, your children will be lost for words. It’s a travel experience for families that shouldn’t be missed.

5 Spend a few days at the beach

Maybe you’re after a relaxing beach holiday or want to end your adventure holiday with a few days by the ocean? The good news is there are many ways to keep your children busy on a beach holiday whilst you’re sitting back, tanning on the beach. Snorkelling and paddle boarding are both fun excursions for kids. They will be fascinated by the colourful coral reefs and fish. Who knows, they might even spot Nemo and Dori! Snorkelling is also a great way for children to learn about coral reefs: how they are being destroyed, why the ocean needs them and what we can do to help prevent the destruction of the bustling and colourful reefs. Being up close and personal may even make your children view environmental issues differently.  Relaxing for you, an educational adventure for your children!

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