5 Best Neighborhood To Stay In NYC


New York is a massive city that offers countless opportunities for individuals. Working with the best long distance movers and choosing to move to New York City will make it easier for you to improve the quality of your life. This notion also applies to your children’s education.

The size of New York City can be very advantageous to your career, but when it comes to residence, are you aware of the best neighborhoods in the city? Do you have any idea where you should and shouldn’t stay once you moved to NYC? To ensure that you will experience all of the benefits of a move, it’s not enough that you’re able to hire contractors who offer moving, packing services – you should also know where you’re going to live.

To make this process easier for you, listed below are some of the best neighborhoods to stay in NYC:

​#1 – ​Hell’s Kitchen

​The name of this neighborhood might not sound as pleasing, but don’t be fooled – Hell’s Kitchen is one of the neighborhoods for aspiring actors who are waiting for their big breaks in the industry. Since this neighborhood is located near some of the city’s biggest Broadway theaters, you can expect to bump into a lot of actors when you choose to live here.

Also called Midtown West, this neighborhood also offers a very tight-knit community and shorter commutes between one location to another. Hell’s Kitchen is also a great neighborhood for individuals who often de-stress by having at night.

​#2 – ​Flatiron District

​For individuals who take their social life very seriously, moving to the Flatiron District is an excellent option. Unlike other neighborhoods in NYC, Flatiron District houses some of the best restaurants, shopping centers, and real estate properties in the world. You will never run out of activities to do when you live in this neighborhood!

Moreover, Flatiron District is also great for individuals who want to look after their health because more and more fitness clubs and gyms are opening in the area. However, before you can enjoy all of these perks, be ready to shell out a large amount of money because a small pad or apartment here costs at least $1,901.

​#3 – ​Greenwich Village

​Different people have different interests in life. While some want to make money by working at an office, others would like to make a name for themselves by diving into art. If you’re one of the latter, you should definitely move to Greenwich Village. This neighborhood is home to some of the most creative individuals in New York City.

Aside from providing you with several opportunities to pursue your passion in the arts, the Greenwich Village also creates a small community feel. The size of this neighborhood might be small, but this size makes it easier for you to know all of the people living in the area and make friends with all of your neighbors.

​#4 – ​Brooklyn Heights

​If you’re going to move to New York City with your family, you will have more things to consider. Aside from the cost of your new house, you also have to think about the safety of the entire family and the proximity of your home to other establishments. You need to make sure that your children can easily reach their schools, and adults in the family can report to their places of work early.

Living in Brooklyn Heights can tick all of these requirements. This neighborhood is located near bustling areas, which means that every member of the family reaches school or work with ease. This neighborhood is also becoming more popular for families because of its safety and diversity of activities offered.

​#5 – ​Prospect Heights

Some people are more productive when they work in different environments. The more diverse their environment is, the more motivated they are to work. If you share the same sentiment, consider moving to Prospect Heights. Aside from providing access to some of the best public parks in New York City, this neighborhood is also situated near other public libraries and establishments.

Most food festivals held in New York also take place in Prospect Heights. So if you’re someone who loves to cook, this neighborhood should be on top of your list.

Make Friends

​After using this article as your guide in choosing where to stay in NYC, exert time, and effort to reach out to your neighbors. Moving from one location to another can be stressful and will require adjustment, but things will get easier if you know how to create meaningful friendships.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to invite your neighbors for a meal in your home or visit them and bring homemade goodies. If you can see that your neighbors also have kids, you can schedule a playdate with the tykes. There are countless ways on how you can adjust easier in your new neighborhood, so make sure that you pour in resources for this goal, as well.

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