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May 2002

Traces from the Northern Past:
Archeological Museum of La Serena

Right by the central market of La Recova, very close to La Serena's Plaza de Armas, stands the city's Archeological Museum, a space where visitors can see the changes that this city has gone through, as well as learning about pre-Columbian cultures that reigned over this region and the entire region of South America.

The La Serena Archeological Museum was founded on April 3rd, 1943, by the will of its first director, Francisco L. Comely. The whole local community supported it. The current building was especially constructed for the Museum during the "Plan Serena" (1952). Its front rescued and integrated the house porch, which already existed there and which belonged to the Villaseñor Count.

Since the Museum's opening, the exhibition has been nurtured by the rescue and gathering of historical objects and documents. These have become valuable sources for the study of regional and national history. For instance, in the Easter Island Hall, there is a Moai and various objects from the Rapanui culture, complemented with maps and graphics that give global information about the Island.

At the section "La Serena's Urban Evolution", there is a series of graphics, illustrations, maps and photos, which represent the City's historical process. This Museum has become a true Historical Documentation Center.

Among them, we can highlight the Independence Archives (19th Century), Council Meetings Archives (18th and 19th Centuries), Finances (16th through 20th Centuries), Photographic and Cartographic Archives.

Address: Cordovez and Cienfuegos streets, La Serena.

Admission: $600.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9 am-1 pm and 4 pm-7pm. Saturdays, 10 am-1 pm and 4 pm-7pm. Sundays, 10 am-1pm.

Phone: (56-51) 22 44 92 - 22 60 50.

Fax: (56-51) 22 53 98.


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