Bellavista Neighborhood: Heritage, Art and Gastronomy in Just one Place


Located between the north bank of the Mapocho river and San Cristóbal Hill, Bellavista is known for being one of Santiago’s most important meeting points for night life.

Located at the north side of Mapocho river and San Cristobal Hill, Bellavista neighborhood is known as one of the most significant meeting points for Santiago´s bohemian life. Art galleries, jewelry shops, colorful houses, several restaurants and an active night life which ensures an unforgettable experience, either day or night.

Patio Bellavista: Flavors of the World

One of the most attractive things in the neighborhood is Patio Bellavista, a core in which you find several services such as art galleries, handicraft shops, jewelry, fashion and souvenirs, ice cream shops and more than 19 international restaurants offering French, Italian, Mediterranean and Chilean cuisine, among others.

This exclusive place has numerous terraces in which you can enjoy live music shows from different national and international artists.

Its incredible color, architecture, design and contribution to neighborhood have been internationally awarded.

La Chascona: A Cultural Icon

Culture in Bellavista neighborhood is expressed through different kind of activities, either walking along the Art´s promenade at Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue street, famous for their sidewalks decorated with mosaics from famous Chilean artists or in their 22 stages and theatres in the biggest theatre circuit beginning at the end of Chucre Manzur street. However, La Chascona – the only house owned by Pablo Neruda in Santiago- is without a doubt one of the main cultural icons which allow you to enter into the intimacy of the home the poet shared with Matilde Urrutia, his wife.

The best kept secrets

Hidden pubs, the best Chilean food restaurants and a terrace with excellent views and sunsets add to the list of some of the best secrets in Bellavista. The first one is Room 09 pub located at Antonia López de Bello 040, Santiago’s first speakeasy bar inspired in the clandestine bars of the prohibition era in the United States. You can only enter after eating at gourmet 040 and say “quiero conocer la habitación 9” (I want to see room number nine). Another great hidden pub is “Bajo Llave” an underground restobar located in an old building at Nueva Rosal 344.

If you want to delight with the best Chilean gastronomy, Pemauyen Restaurant is a must. Located at Patio Bellavista, this exclusive place offers ancestral Chilean food, with a menu inspired in the indigenous cultures’ gastronomic legacy.

But if you want to enjoy a privileged view with stunning sunsets, good vibes and diverse dishes and cocktails, the best choice is Azotea Matilde at Antonia Lopez de Bello 0118, 6th floor.

Lapis lazuli Route:

Apart from the diverse shops devoted to knitting, jewelry and typical national fashion located at Patio Bellavista, Pio Nono is the neighborhood’s main street, with diverse jewelry shops which work with lapis lazuli, a semiprecious stone of an intense blue color which can only be found in two places in the world: Chile and Afghanistan. Jewelry pieces sold in here are exclusive designs, done by the handcrafters. “Lapislazuli House” is one of the most remarkable shops; it is located at Bellavista 04, easily recognizable due to the blue color of its front.

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