Altar at a Chiloé church.
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Chile split in two: Is Pumalin park the best of news for Chilean ecology, or a dangerous threat for national security?
Iquique "on the move": Where to find some of Iquique's best social and gastronomical spots.

Chile is celebrating: Learn about our country's most typical holidays and celebrations, and try to hold on for each of them.

Santiago's best popular spots: Are you eager for some bohemia and new experiences right in Chile's capital? These are a few bars and restaurants from the strange to the typical. Luxury is not included.

Austral Road Travel diary: a day-to-day account of the journey through one of Chile's most impressive tourist destinations.

Santiago's Velasco House: A witness of our Colonial History, right in the capital's downtown.

Poets and their beach houses: where Neruda, Huidobro and Parra used to rest.

Patagonia from the sea: travelling by yacht, boat or kanoa, any tourist can see much more of Patagonia´s secrets than one who visits the area by car.

Chilean handcrafts: from North to South, a journey's through our most important handcraft centers, including knittings, pottery and wood.

The Wine Route: visitors can make an excursion through Chile´s Central Valley and know everything about our wine´s production process.

Ethnic tourism: to sleep in a hut, eat food made out of unknown fruits and work with ancient tools, can mean luxury for some foreigners.

Chiloe and its churches: named as Mankind Heritage by the UNESCO, the temples at Chile´s biggest island offer a unique architecture and say a lot about our southern traditions.

The tale of Rapa Nui: a valuable, unique and fragile heritage is combined with an ancient and peculiar culture at Chile´s Easter Island.

Desert's jewel : San Pedro de Atacama is Chile´s north main tourist destination and a live testimony of the Atacameña culture.

Tourism at the Colchagua valley: In this zone, one can enjoy traditions such as the thresing, a Gastronomy Fair, a unique Museum and the "Wine Route".

Walk the port : Take a walk through the port's most important and beautiful spots. We show you how.

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