Manuel Lizana, barrel-organ player and restorer.
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Nueva Canción Chilena: Learn more about one of Chile's most important cultural movements.
Music from our streets: Learn more about the work of the "chinchineros", peculiar Chilean barrel-organ players that have existed in Chile since the 19th Century.
Popular homage to the birth of Christ: That's what Chilean "canto a lo divino" is all about; i.e., a popular song of a deep religious root.
Color Violeta: Violeta Parra was not just a remarkable songwriter. Starting in 1954 she developed a valuable artwork with textiles and paintings, which are full of symbols about her view of life and Chilean culture.
Patagonia's first inhabitants: An interview with anthropologist Francisco Mena, who's leading excavations at a site known as Baño Nuevo, where Chile's earliest human remains have been found.
Brightness for the Virgin: The annual religious celebration in the Northern town of Cabildo is a unique typical rite, where people put on their best costumes to thank the Virgin del Carmen, Chile's Patron.
Women in documentaries: These three filmmakers are convinced that their search for images, sounds and words is a way to recover memories that is urgent not to lose.
Temples of light: The work of photographer Max Donoso with Chile's Northern temples and churches.
Indians in the picture: the Art of taking pictures of our Native people.
What's good about adobe: views of an Architectural patrimony expert after the recent earthquake.
Dog races: A new photography exhibition shows us one of Chile`s most typical rural traditions.
The soul of Independencia: The current Avenue was originally considered a suburb, but is now a main part of Santiago.
History revisited : Christopher Columbus may have traveled through lands and coasts that had already been discovered by other expeditions.
Ask a Machi: The hut of machi Manuel is visited by those who look in ancestral healing methods a complement to traditional Medicine.
Angels, dreams and spirits: Fidel Sepúlveda talks about Chilean popular religiosity practices, especially those devoted to the dead.
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