Santiago's central market.
Santiago's central market.
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Benito Baranda
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Benito Baranda
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Benito Baranda
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April 2005

Urban journey:

Let's have lunch at the monuments

National monuments are more than just large corporate buildings to which the citizen does not have any access to; or, if he does, make him feel intimidated. They can be meeting places as well, inviting passersby to stop and have a cup of coffee or a good lunch, to enjoy on one's own or with a newspaper or magazine, all in unbeatable surroundings.

By Cecilia García-Huidobro FzK

Benito Baranda

We invite you to explore some of Santiagos’s monuments, which offer the atractive chance of adding to the cultural experience of visiting them, a good gastronomy.

Club de la Unión
The grandest of our palaces, decorated with tapestries, carpets, furniture and art objects of great quality. Only members can have lunch at the large dining-room or any of its privates, but they can bring visitors.
Alemeda 1091.

Bellas Artes National Museum
After walking through its halls, always exhibiting renovated artistic works, a coffee and a piece of kuchen are the ideal way to talk about it all. There are also vegetarian entrées.
Parque Forestal s/n

Museo de la Merced
This museum has just been inaugurated, including in the main patio and under a pergola a high-quality cafeteria, ideal for warmer days. In the heart of Santiago's downtown, this is an oasis of peace.
Mac-Iver 341

Mercado Central
Inaugurated in 1872 by then mayor Vicuña Mackenna, this is a remarkable building that welcomes visitors at all times, and where you’ll find meat, seafood and a wide food offer. To eat under the metalic dome is an opportunity that you must not let go.
Block of Puente, Ismael Valdés Vergara, 21 de Mayo and San Pablo.

Club Hípico de Santiago
The spectacular building designed by Josue Smith in the middle of these wonderful surroundings offers, for the non members, the chance of using the cafeteria at the entrance patio. For those who are members, the dining rooms facing the horse tracks are an experience in itself.
Av. Blanco Encalada 2540
Info and reservations: (56-2) 693 9762

Teatro Municipal de Santiago
Since 1857, the Municipal Theater of Santiago has been the center to our country's most important musical events. Now the Tavelli cafe is at the side of one of the halls, with outdoor terraces. A classic. Specialists on ice-cream.
Agustinas 794

Biblioteca Nacional de Santiago
The Poema cafe is a good alternative for having a salad or a good sandwich for lunch. It is also a good meeting point for enjoying a juice or coffee during the day.
Alameda 651, corner of Mac Iver

Estación Mapocho
The historical work of Emilio Jéquier is the city's most important cultural center since the eighties. Besides the diverse offers in theater, art, music and literature, you find the Transiberiano restaurant, with a good and simple menu.
Bandera 1050


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