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Benito Baranda
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June 2004

Pablo Neruda Centennial:
The poet´s houses

"Ten faces for three Chilean houses" is the name of the project that was just presented at La Chascona, one of the places where Neruda used to live. Ten Chilean artists have made thirty paintings of Neruda´s three main houses; all of them will be taken to be shown in Barcelona.

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The houses in which Pablo Neruda lived while in Chile, where he developed most of his literary work, are the environment and excuse for the paintings of ten Chilean artists that decided to interpret, in situ, their impressions of those places inhabited by Chile's most important poet. The paintings will be exhibited at Barcelona´s Forum as part of the celebrations of Neruda´s centennial. A special report of the project will be shown by the international service of Chile's National Television (TVN), as part of the program "Lo mejor de mi tierra".

"Ten faces for three Chilean houses" is the name of the project sponsored by the Neruda Foundation and which includes the work of painters Irene Domínguez, Alejandro Ortega, Vicente Rioseco, Sebastián Carretón, Francisco Ramos, Francisco Alvarez, Ulises Román, Ana Taulís, Rosemary Scmidt and Titi Gana.

The Isla Negra house-museum was the first location for the several Art performances that were organized during the month of May. Then came activities at Valparaiso´s La Sebastiana and Santiago's La Chascona.

A meeting with Neruda
During the months of June and July, the house of La Sebastiana will hold a meeting among writers and thinkers. Marcelo Novoa, Teresa Calderón, Gonzalo Millán, Tomás Harris and Jaime Huenún are some of the poets that will read Neruda´s verses. "The poetic legacy", "The vital legacy" and "The politic legacy" are some of the topics that will be discussed in several round tables. Writers Darío Osses and José Miguel Varas will also take part, as well as friends of Neruda (Francisco Velasco, Aída Figueroa and Raúl Bulnes), sociologist Manuel Antonio Garretón and journalists Luis Alberto Mansilla and Roberto Silva. Meanwhile, La Sebastiana will have a special exhibition of sculptures in honor of Neruda. The access is free of charge and the address is the following: Sebastiana Ferrari 692, Cerro Florida, Valparaíso. Phone#: (56-32)25 6606 - (56-32)23 3759.

Friday 11 - 7 pm.
Round table: The poetic legacy
Luis Alberto Mansilla - Darío Oses - Marcelo Novoa

Friday 18 - 7 pm.
Poetry reading
Teresa Calderón - Gonzalo Millán

Friday 25 - 7 pm
Round table: The vital legacy
Raúl Bulnes - Francisco Velasco - Roberto Silva

Friday 2 - 7 pm
Round table: The politic legacy
Aída Figueroa - Manuel Antonio Garretón - José Miguel Varas

Friday 9 - 7 pm
Poetry reading
Tomás Harris - Jaime Huenún

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