Franciscan Churt at Recoleta, Santiago.
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An exhibit of Violeta Parra's textiles: A valuable yet unknown work from one of Chile's most important singers.
Vicente Bianchi: the Chilean composer and arranger has just received the "Premio a lo Chileno 2004", an award that recognizes his work as part of Chile's musical patrimony.

"Sir" Lalo : One of the country's most remarkable folk musicians receives a special government award.

A woman, at last: The first female member of Santiago's traditional Club de la Unión, is no other than the founder of

It's Parra's turn: The most famous of Chilean "antipoet" is 90 years old. Some of his visual work can be seen at the house of Pablo Neruda, in Isla Negra.
The poet's houses: "Ten faces for three Chilean houses" is the name of a new and original project to celebrate Neruda´s Centennial. Ten Chilean artists have made thirty paintings of the poet´s three main houses.
Chile and the international museums issues: The next meeting of the Friends of Museums World Federation will be held in Santiago during the year 2006.
Gonzalo Rojas, Cervantes Award 2003: The Chilean poet is the 28th writer to receive what is considered to be the most important award in Hispanic Literature.
The legacy of a refugee: Of all the foreign artists that ever settled in Chile, Cuban Mario Carreño was one of those who gave back the most.
Chilean Music Awards: President Ricardo Lagos has just recognized the work of Illapu, Los Jaivas and Luis Advis.
Santiago, cultural capital: Among ten other cities, Santiago de Chile and Austin (Texas) were chosen as "Cultural capitals 2004".
An exhibit of Violeta Parra's textiles: A valuable yet unknown work from one of Chile's most important singers.
Moais on sale: You can buy them at a Miami art gallery for around one million dollars each. Where they ever in the island at all? If so, how come no authority.
Multimedia exhibit of American animals: Learn about Indian mythology at the Pre-Columbian Art Museum.
The Coz Coz Parliament: A book about one of the most important mapuche meetings, written in 1907,is now re-edited.
Punta Arenas for the year 2010: The southern City will go through a deep transformation to welcome the Rebublic´s Bicentennial.
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