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May 2002

To the rescue of our South's past:
Mauricio Van de Maele Historical and Anthropological Museum

To visit this museum, a mile away from Valdivia, becomes an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn about the city's history.

Here, mapuche and huilliche pieces are permanently exhibited, along with objects that tell us about the Spaniard and German colonization. Also, one can see documents and objects that surrounded the daily life of the Chilean authorities of the 19th Century.

In 1962, the Austral University bought the house where the Museum now stands, allowing then the transformation of this big mansion to the headquarters of the "Maurice Van de Maele Historical and Anthropological Museum", founded on February 17th, 1956.

Maurice Van de Maele was a German colonist who during 30 years, dedicated himself to the gathering and protection of the Tenth Region Historical Heritage.

The house was built in 1870. It was then restored in 1968, according to a project elaborated by the architect Sergio Anwandter Böttcher, direct descendent of Maurice Van de Maele. It was declared Historical Monument by a Ministry of Education's Act, on October 29th, 1981.

Its director, Leonor Adam, is now making the necessary efforts to create a didactical hall and a store.

One of the most remarkable departments of the Museum is the one of restoration; where there are constantly being repaired the collection's pieces. What captures the attention are the suits kept on the interior and that, as a rare exception, are shown here on the video prepared by

Address: Los Laureles n/n, Isla Teja.

Phone: (56-63) 212 872.

Fax: (56-63) 221 971.


Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, from 9 am to 1 pm, and 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


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