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October 2001

A book about heritage education:
The chest of my treasures

The first heritage education text published in our country looks for the development of appreciation attitudes in Grammar-School students. In a simple and fun way, it allows kids involvement, including its issues in their daily life.

One of the places where this book is being used is Calera de Tango's Gabriela Mistral School. Teacher Purísima Sologuren thinks the book "help kids become aware that the places where they play are very important for the community. Now they value and do not throw junk at the Chena Hill, where there is an Inca ruin".

Calera de Tango (40 minutes away from Santiago) is known for its church, built by the Jesuits during the Colonial time, and for the Inca ruins, built five hundred years before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors.

To rescue patrimony in daily life
Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation edited the book with the funding of the Andes Foundation and the Compañía Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones. It has the sponsoring of the Ministry of Education and the National Committee for the Cooperation with UNESCO. The author of the book is Beatriz García-Huidobro.

It was supervised by psychologist Neva Milicic and coordinated by Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation's vice-president, Cecilia García-Huidobro, who worked on the edition along anthropologer Francisco Mena Larraín. It is now being used in thirty of the Metropolitan Region's Grammar Schools and four at Chiloé, the biggest island at Chile's south.

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