42 traditional "cuecas" in MP3 format.
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Lyrics of Chilean songs
The most popular Chilean songs.
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The huilliche children voices : Music from the jesuit missions in Chiloé.
Traditional songbook: "Cuecas", played by popular singers and musicians.
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"Gato Flojo": The Angel Parra Trio jazz band present one of their latest compositions.
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Inmortal songs by "Tío Lalo Parra": "En Mejillones yo tuve un amor" (Song 1) and "¿Quién es la que viene ahí?" (Song 2).
National Anthem.
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The sound of ancestral America : The La Chimuchina group presents a song from their "Sonchapu" CD.
Gonzalo Rojas, a poetry meeting in Santiago.
Pablo de Rokha, a poetry meeting in Santiago.
Sound identity: The mapuche-williche music from Maihue Lake.
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