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What is it?

According to its own definition, the Corporation for Chilean Cultural Heritage is a private, autonomous, philanthropic, non-profit entity, whose members are united by their motivation to conserve, protect and disseminate our cultural heritage responsibly and independently. The Corporation for Cultural Heritage has been dedicated to fulfilling those principles faithfully and throughly since it was founded, and it has demonstrated so much dedication, energy and skill in putting them into practice that its work has been recognized both locally and internationally.

The Corporation states its function is to build bridges between the public world, the guardian of treasures of our heritage, and the private world, through very ambitious projects that are executed professionally and responsibly.

But what does our cultural heritage consist of? "We understand Cultural Heritage to be all the tangible objects that portray our memory and define our identity, such as museums and their collections, archives, works of art, archeological elements or structures, parks, buildings, iconographic, literary, theatrical, cinematographic and musical materials that have exceptional value from a historical, aesthetic, anthropological, ethnological, artistic and scientific point of view to Chile".

We also add to our definition the wealth of traditions, practices, customs, festivities and celebrations that have shaped our identity and constitute our intangible heritage.

The Corporation considers the following aspects fundamental to the development of its activities:

1-Participate, with criteria of excellence, in projects supported by qualified professionals.

2-Favor projects that assure continuity throughout the years.

3-Seek mechanisms that stimulate the professionalism and training of people who are responsible for the objects and property of our heritage.

4-Promote the creation of groups of friends who cooperate with public heritage entities, especially in the regions.

5-Coordinate the exchange of information among different entities dedicated to working with heritage, in Chile and abroad.

6-Set priorities for projects, with emphasis on emergencies, continuity, and excellence so our activity will make a difference in the way the major issues of Chilean identity are addressed.

7-Promote research and studies that open the way to possible future projects.

8-Develop work networks and joing cooperation with entities that preserve our heritage.

9-Explain policies and theories of support in the area of heritage.

Corporation for Chilean Cultural Heritage: Londres 67, Santiago.
Phone, (56-2) 638-6845. Fax, (56-2) 632-4674. E-mail:

- Board of Directors
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