Nicanor Parra
Bicentennial Award
Bicentennial Award 2000: Eugenio Heiremans.
Bicentennial Award 2002: Gabriel Valdés.
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Bicentennial Award
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May 2001
Nicanor Parra:
A prophet in his own land
Now we can say there really are prophets in our land, given the most deserved recognition to the only Chilean who is being nominated to the Nobel Prize: Nicanor Parra. The Bicentennial Award, given by Chile's Cultural Heritage Corporation along Universidad de Chile, this year goes to our great anti-poet. A man who through his cultural and public service work has made a difference in our country.

In his studio, sculptor Juan Sebastián Solar is now giving the finishing touches to the sculpture that will be given to poet and professor Nicanor Parra. For the second time, Chile's Cultural Heritage Corporation and Universidad de Chile give this award, an annual tradition until the year 2010, the Bicentennial of our Republic.

After last year's award went to businessman Eugenio Heiremans for his work on Security, Theater, Music, Art and Heritage areas, the jury had this time an unanimous vote for our most famous "anti-poet", whose work has a worldwide recognition and represents the creation of an original and personal literary genre, fed from our popular culture and projecting a new way of seeing our reality, based on humor and recreational spirit which oxygenize and revitalize the intellectual doing.

The significance of his work for different generations of Chileans, its international projection and the influence that Parra has in national life, both as intellectual and as professor, are some of the elements that explain this award.


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